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Making your own Avatar using web 2.0


Create a digital portfolio of avatars that represent different aspects of your personality.


  1. Create an identity map for your portfolio.
  2. Use online software or apps to create at least 3 but up to 5 different personalised avatars.
  3.  When completed reflect upon the end product and evaluate the tool you used.

You may use any of the avatar creators I have suggested on the side bar or of your own choice. Most of these will require you to logon and register. Use the same username and password in all your registrations so you do not forget them. (You will need to get back into them later to place on your blog.)

You need to take into account the following criteria;

  • Your first avatar will be a VOKI or some other animated avatar tool of your choice. You need to add voice to the avatar (and I prefer it is your own voice. See my VOKI on the first post.) You will get the VOKI to tell me something about your identity that reflects your identity used when creating the avatar. Remember personal details should not be included i.e. surnames, addresses , phone numbers…
  • Create at least 2 other avatars using different software and identities.
  • Your final avatar will recreate one of the identities already used and you will use graphic software to produce it. 

Your avatars will be added to your blog(digital portfolio). Accompanying each graphic will be a reflection of how your identity is expressed and features of the tool you used that allowed you to express these features. You also need to name the software tool and identify at least one strength and one weakness of the tool. This should identify any difficulties you had with using the tool and suggested improvements of the tool.

Remember you need to keep files of your avatars so if you create an avatar that you cannot keep online or save in an appropriate graphic format you will need to save screen shot of the avatar, preferably in jpeg or gif. More on this soon.

Do you know any avatar apps? If you do please use them and let me know about them via this post.

What is an Avatar? Wikipedia Definition

If you know of any other avatar creators that can be used or experince difficulties with some of these avatars please add a comment to this post so i can make improvements.


  1. After using Voki to create an avatar for Luis, I soon discovered the website can be rather tedious after a few minutes. This is due to the fact that you can’t change major features (such as the jaw set and eye type) but you can change minor ones (eye colour and hair colour). Some of the characters were extremely realistic, but it came into focus that I always wanted to change at least one feature that wasn’t possible on the website. I portrayed Luis’ traits through the avatar by giving the character a dominant stance to exemplify leadership, a friendly smile to show his compassion and casual clothing to depict his laid-back demeanour. Overall, Voki is a fairly good avatar creator that can be a little bit frustrating if you are trying to make something accurate. My only concern would be if it is compatibile with any accounts due to the animation.
    *Couldn’t link Voki account due to saving problems

  2. OK Georgia a good attempt at answering questions.

  3. OK I know you had difficulties nd these have been expressed. Well done linking screen shot.

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