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Robotics Information Research Assignment

Taskrobot 1

You are to conduct effective information research on aa topic related to Robotics and report back   in the form of a blog post  designed to attract 10 year old girls or boys (choose your target audience).

You may pick a topic from the list below or choose one of your own but try and make it something new and interesting

Robotic Arms • Undersea Robots • Robotics and Space Exploration • Artificial Intelligence •  How Robots is used in the Work Place • Nanorobots  • How Robots are perceived in film •    Robots in medicine • Robo ts in SpaceRobots on Mars


Part 1 Conduct effective information research

Use some of the Library eResources or the Internet  to find reliable and relevant sources of information about your topic.  Use a data grid to collect  a rough draft of your information.

Click here to access a data grid to use. You can change questions to suit your research.

Click here to find a sample on how to fill data grid in. This example is not on Robotics.

Part 2 Create a blog post

Use the information you collected to create an interesting blog post on your own  that 10 year old girls or boys yould want to read about Robotics.



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