Robotics, Virtual Reality and Games

Week 3 – About Me!

Project 1 – About Me!

Use scratch to create an interactive project that tells a story about yourself.

  1. Create a project with at least 5 sprites (objects) that reveal something about you and represent this through images, sound and movement.
  2. Have a look at other projects in the About me studio
  3. Choose a background, or if you’re up for a challenge select a few to move through, and include some speech to give instructions.
  4. Include all of the blocks listed on the About Me worksheet
  5. Save, share and embed your project in your blog
  6. Add your project to the Year 9 STCC studio
  7. Have a look at some of your peers’ projects in our studio
  8. Post a reflection to your blog responding to these prompts:
    • What are you most proud of?  Why?
    • What did you get stuck on? How did you get unstuck?
    • What might you want to do next?
    • What did you discover from looking at others’ About Me projects?
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