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Weeks 4 & 5 – Dance Party!

Coding in Scratch is just like directing a dance routine – there are characters (sprites), costume changes, music and a vision to execute.  Over the next few lessons, you will work to plan and create a dance routine project in Scratch.

As with any good performance, you need to plan your routine and warm-up before you take to the stage.  Here are a few activities to get you started.

Activity  1 –  Flowcharts (planning)

In your pairs:

  1. Watch one (1) of 4  dance videos (dance 1, dance 2, dance 3 and dance 4)
  2. Create a flowchart to break down the routine into a sequence of moves that will teach another pair your routine
  3. Give your flowchart to another pair
  4. Follow the instructions on the flowchart given to you to re-enact the dance routine

You can use webspiration, an app of your choice or a piece of paper to create your flowchart.

Activity 2 – Costume changes  (animation)

To animate sprites in Scratch, you need to sequence a series of costume changes.

Refer to the How to Animation in the Tips section of Scratch Editor.

  1. Choose a sprite (an animal is good)
  2. Add a different costume
  3. Add blocks to make your sprite come to life

Can you make your sprite move faster? slower? in a different direction? upside down?

Can you keep your sprite on the stage?

Can you make your own sprite and costume changes?

Activity 3 –  Build-A-Band (sound)

Add music and sounds to your project by coordinating your sprites with sounds.

Refer to the Step-by-Step guide to Make Music or the How to Music in the Tips section of Scratch Editor.

  1. Choose a sprite (an instrument is good)
  2. Add a sound block
  3. Experiment to make your sprite make some noise
  4. Repeat for two different sprites

Can you coordinate a number of different sprites so that they play a short piece of music?  HINT:  It might be a good idea to create multiple events (one for each sprite) rather than trying to make one large event or sequence of code.

Project 2 – Dance Party

Your task is to plan and create a Dance Party project in Scratch using the elements that you’ve now explored.  Your completed Dance Party Project will include:

  • a flowchart showing your planning (sequence of events)
  • at least 1 animated sprite – try making a sprite of your own
  • some coordinated sound and/or music effects

Once you have created your Dance Party project:

  1. Save, share and embed your project in your blog
  2. Add your project to the Year 9 STCC studio
  3. Post a reflection to your blog responding to the following prompts:
    • What was the hardest part of this project?  How did you overcome this?
    • What is something that you still want to figure out?
    • How did you give credit for ideas, music or code that you’ve used in your project?


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