Robotics, Virtual Reality and Games

Robotics Investigation

Your task is to write an investigative blog post for a newspaper on a topic of your choice related to Robotics. Your blog post should include text, graphics and correctly cited references.

1. Decide on an area related to Robotics that is of interest to you.

Some suggestions are:

  • Robots in space exploration (NASA uses rovers to explore Mars and has sent a Robonaut to the ISS)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Microsoft’s Tay AI recently had a ‘meltdown’ and the COTSBot aims to save our Great Barrier Reef)
  • Robots in movies (Wall-E, Robots, I, Robot, The Terminator, Star Wars, Short Circuit. . .)
  • Robotic appliances, including for medical and domestic applications – think robotic limbs, self-driving cars, robot vaccuum cleaners and lots more!

2. Once you have your topic come up with 5 sub-questions related to this topic. Use a Data Grid to record your questions and conduct your research.

The following are guidelines on how to use the data grid to conduct your research:

  • Identify your topic/area of interest
  • Write your 5 sub-questions in the top row (1 in each square)
  • Find at least 3 relevant and reliable sources of information to cite correctly (use your planner or BibMe)
  • Summarise, in your own words, the answers to your sub questions under each heading
  • Cross-reference your information at least once to make sure it is accurate
  • Write a final, overall summary of your findings in the last row

Useful Resources

Some links to websites of interest have been provided above and you may also find the following websites useful:

Use the Information Research WebQuest  to help you conduct effective information research.

Please refer to the following RUBRIC which will be used to assess your ability to conduct effective information research.

Date to remember:

Thursday April 14th – Submit research data grid

Thursday April 21st – Publish final blog post

Thursday April 28th – Read and comment on 2 other posts

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