Robotics, Virtual Reality and Games

March 23, 2016
by Ms Fewster

Robotics Reflection Task

As we conclude our unit on Robotics, you are required to post a reflection to your blog in consideration of at least one of the challenges you (and your group) were tasked with.  Remember some of the challenges included the Figure 8, adding sound/a display, detecting colour, detecting/avoiding an object and our class mexican wave (video attached).

Your reflection must:

  • Explain your role in helping complete the challenge
  • Describe the thought process you and your group went through to break the challenge down in to manageable parts
  • How successful were you, and your group, at completing the challenge?  What was the major difficulty (or difficulties) you encountered and how did you (try to) overcome it?
  • Identify at least two (2) things that you might do differently if you were given an opportunity to do this challenge again.
  • Complete this sentence:  “After completing these challenges, I have learnt . . . “

Mexican Wave Movie

February 12, 2016
by dlupone

Creating Avatars using an editing tool and publishing them for web use

Today you will use photoshop. You will learn how to use some of the tools to create or modify avaters. You will also use it to prepare images for web use.Click here to get to the appropriate page or find it under the Avatar tab.


For Homework make sure you have completed at least 3 avatrs of your own using web 2.0 tools and included appropriate comments on how you created these and discuss features of the tools. Click here to read the complete task.

Finally you can find a copy of the assessment rubric by clicking on think link.

February 7, 2016
by dlupone

Creating your own blog

Today we will set up our new blog. You have received an email inviting you to your new blog site and should have set up your blog. If not make sure you follow the instructions in this email to access your new blog created with edublogs. You will need to bookmark this link into your Google Favourite account or you can sign in through the global2 website. This weblog will become your digital portfolio for the unit Robotics, Virtual Reality and Games. You may use the edublogs Help and Support site to learn new things to do on your blog.

When you learn a new technique encourage others to do the same by commenting on this post.

First you need to personalise your own blog. In this lesson you should:

  • Change the title to something more “you”. Do not include first or surname onto the blog. Choose something that also reflects the nature of the blog you are creating. ( Themes, Widgets and Appearance)
  • Change the theme of the blog. ( Themes, Widgets and Appearance)
  • Create your first post. Respond to the film avatar. See questions from previous post.

Presenting your avatars online

  • You need to upload each avatar on a new post.
  • You need to add at least 3 posts for 3 different avatars. Please identify the application you used to create this image and discuss any aspects of the software you liked or did not like.
  • Add a category called Avatar using categories tab in post. Make sure each post with a different avatar has this category clicked. This will make it easier for me to find all your posts when I need to asses them.
  • Include a post of your VoKI avatar. To publish your VOKI you need to grab the code for the Voki and insert it into the post using the html tab. Once code is inserted you can return to Visual Tab and continue. This is what it should look like.

  • Repeat with all your other avatars. Avatars that are in jpeg or gif form can be inserted using the Add Media button on the tool bar. You need to ensure you click on insert image button otherwise it will be stored in gallery but not inserted into your post.
  • Use select Help and Support from the  Edublogs symbol to explore other tools you can use. You may want to explore the use of widgets and add a list of Friend’s blogs. You need to set these up as links first then add the Links widget.  Add a calendar to your side bar.


Complete your avatars and post them to your site. On your blog posts include the following:

Each avatar should reflect a different aspect of your personality while keeping your identity private. You will record a description that explains the design when you post this on your blog. You also need to identify at least 2 aspects of the software used that you liked about it (advantages or strengths) and 2 aspects about the software that you did not like (limitations or disadvantages). Also remember to identify the software you used and if it is a new software indicate its url.

This must be completed for homework by next week. I will start correcting blogs on Wednesday 5th July.


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