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Creating Identity Maps


Watch the following video. Jot down ideas for the following:

  • What are some of his different identities?
  • What setting is this identity they found in?
  • What tools and activities does he require when using this identity?
  • What aspects of his personality are reflected in the identity?

  1. Use voki to create an avatar for one of Luis’ identities.
  2.  Reflect upon how you used characteristics of his personality and discuss how these were expressed in your avatar. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of voki. Give an example(s) of each.
  3. Add reflection to comment section.


Use the identity map to jot down some ideas for yourself and your own identities.



  1. I expressed Luis in my avatar by using his country’s flags representing his backgrounds, a suitable clothing choice and his features which are similar in reality. Voki is a useful and easy to access online site but it has limitations to the available choices and can sometimes glitch.

  2. 1.

    2. After viewing ‘Digital Youth Portrait: Luis,’ I decided to make Luis’ avatar a replica of what he looked like in real life. I decided to do this and not create an avatar that did not look like him because Luis seemed like one that was happy with where he was in life, giving me the sense that if he had to create an avatar himself, he would make it as his true appearance. Strengths of Voki are that users are given templates and examples to work from. i would suggest that the only weakness is that most of the characteristics are not free.

    3. Overall, Voki is a great website to explore creating avatars from as there are a range of different avatars to chose from animals to humans.

  3. 1.

    2. After viewing ‘Digital Youth Portrait: Lois’, I decided to make Lois’ avatar look as much like him as I could with what I was given. I made this decision because Lois looked like someone that was genuinely happy and content with his life. A strength that I found in Voki are that you are given multiple categories that cover almost every topic you can think of or that you would want for an avatar. I would say that the only weakness is that there are some characteristics that you need to pay for and that takes away from the overall experience.

  4. 1)

    2) From viewing Luis’ digital portrait, I was able to deduct several strong characteristics of his personality to incorporate into my avatar to represent aspects of his personality. To begin with, I chose a school themed background for Luis’ avatar to represent his identity as a student, but also his commitment and dutiful behaviour towards his studies at school, and also to reflect his passion for learning but also for teaching. (as a mentor) I chose a darker colour for his skin to represent his culture and family heritage of being a Mexican-American, and I made his facial features quite big to show how serious and determined he is. I chose a hairstyle for him that is very neat and tidy to portray his serious and determined behaviour as a student and mentor, but I chose clothes that reflected his friendly demeanour, but also shows his comfortably with himself. I have incorporated his glasses to help resemble the avatar to his true appearance, but his glasses are also be a (stereotypical) portrayal of his intelligence and responsible characteristics. I have presented him in smart attire to reflect his important and serious roles of being a student and mentor, but I have also tried to incorporate his friendly and kind attributes through his facial expressions and heritage.

    After using Voki, I have determined that it is a basic website for creating avatars with several pros and cons. A strength Voki possesses is that it does offer free items to users that haven’t subscribed, that they can use when creating their avatars. It allows users who are paid subscribers to experience some of the functions and products Voki has to offer without having to pay. Also Voki allows its users to record their own voices for their avatars which is a great resource and fun way to personalise their avatars, and there are also sharing options for users to share their avatars with friends. However all of these functions have great limitations which is further explained below.

    A major weakness with using Voki is that there are many limitations for its users who aren’t paid subscribers. Although Voki offers some basic items and functions for creating avatars (such as clothing choices and sharing options), most of its services and items are only available to paid subscribers so those who aren’t are faced with many restriction and limitations to what they are able to use when designing and creating avatars. Non paid subscribers are only offered limited amounts of clothing and sharing options and as a result there aren’t a great range of changes or adjustments that can be made to avatars. Voki is also unreliable as it doesn’t always record the changes made to your avatar, and sometimes it fails to save the avatar entirely and it must be completely redone. It’s unreliability and limitations are the Voki’s downfalls.

  5. A very thorough respone. Well done!!!!

  6. I like your avatar but you needed to describe characteristics based around the identity you were meant to explore. Also you need to be more specific when identifying strength and weaknesses. I know Voki is limited there are lots of things you cannot do but you need to give an example of at least one.

  7. Ok Jada you answered the questions but I would like you to be a more critical of software.Did Voki allow you to do everything? Could you add a hat if you wanted to or change the colour of his shirt?

  8. 1)

    2) After viewing Luis’s “Digital Youth Portrait” i was able to deduct some of Luis’s characteristics, physical appearances and interests into his avatar. I decided to create Luis’s avatar as a close resemblance to himself as i thought i could incorporate his cultural background of being American/Mexican into his appearance. In Luis’s avatar i dressed him in a casual manner to resemble the attire he wears in real life. In the video Luis mentioned that he uses technology to communicate with his friends through gmail, Facebook and group chats. The background i chose corresponds to this as he is in a school environment where he interacts with his friends.

    Some of the benefits of the website Voki is that it allows you to chose from a variety of avatars. The website uses a basic form and is not very difficult to use. Another benefit of Voki is that it allows you to create a voice over for your avatar. You get a range of options on how you want your voiceover to sound and can even record your own voice speaking if you wanted to incorporate that into your avatar.

    A major weakness i believe with using Voki is that there are limitations. If you aren’t a paid prescriber you have limited options on your choice of avatar and accessories you may like to add.

    Overall Voki is a good website to start off with if you are wanting to create an online avatar. It is good for free subscribers who are wanting to explore the variety of choice and avatars that can be selected from.

  9. You need to be more specific, give at least one example of strengths and weaknesses. Can you also include a link to your voki so I can accees it. Some of the others have tried this out and it works well. Have a look at what they did if you do not understand what I mean.

  10. When creating the voki i looked at what he looks like physically to see what to make him look as close to him as possible and then i looked at what he likes to do and what he values to try and portray that into his character. weaknesses on voki is the amount of hair styles and characters to use because most of them do not really reflect most people in real life. A strength is that that it gives you the option to change colours of everything and make the person say whatever you want in different accents.

  11. OK Stephanie clear explanation but Voki does not seem to be opening well. I will try again later.

  12. Not sure if I replied to this so will so again. A well detailed response giving clear strengths and weaknesses.

  13. Good Voki and description Samantha

  14. A good Voki but seems like a few chose this image You were able to identify one strength and weakness of the softwre

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