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Hi Girls and welcome to my blog “Robotics, Virtual Reality and Games”. Here I will outline instructions for each lesson and provide you with any necessary information. Click here to access my blog or type in the url address. Please bookmark this page so you do not forget it.

To make things easier you have been allocated a computer with a number. Click here to find your number. Can you make sure you grab this computer at start of each class. As we are Technology students I would prefer you do not permanently save on this computer (unless you have to) but use your M drive and back up using a USB. In some cases such as when editing in iMovie I know this may not be possible. All your final drafts should be loaded onto your digital portfolio.

Firstly I would like to get to know you better to help me adapt the course to suit your needs.  Would you please complete this survey.

The expectation is that you regularly check this site out (even when absent for a class) to see what you may have missed out on or to comment on any issues. You can do this by adding a comment on the post relevant to your question. In the next few lessons I will send you an invitation to create your own blog which I will  link to this site. In the meantime take a look at last years blogs on the LHS tool bar to get some ideas. These blogs will be removed by next lesson.

In the next few weeks you will be creating and editing your own blogs which you will use  a digital portfolio. Here you will comment on topics we discuss and demonstrate evidence of completed tasks. You will reflect on what you have learned and give your own opinion on hot topics.

Finally you will create your own avatars.  Click here to see what you need to do.

Click here to find out what you need to do for homework.

Regards Ms Lupone



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