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Robotics Reflection Task


As we conclude our unit on Robotics, you are required to post a reflection to your blog in consideration of at least one of the challenges you (and your group) were tasked with.  Remember some of the challenges included the Figure 8, adding sound/a display, detecting colour, detecting/avoiding an object and our class mexican wave (video attached).

Your reflection must:

  • Explain your role in helping complete the challenge
  • Describe the thought process you and your group went through to break the challenge down in to manageable parts
  • How successful were you, and your group, at completing the challenge?  What was the major difficulty (or difficulties) you encountered and how did you (try to) overcome it?
  • Identify at least two (2) things that you might do differently if you were given an opportunity to do this challenge again.
  • Complete this sentence:  “After completing these challenges, I have learnt . . . “

Mexican Wave Movie

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